Three-year postdoc position in History and Philosophy of Science, deadline 3 May

The Department of Philosophy and Ethics in Administration at Warsaw University of Technology offers a three-year, full-time, research-only post-doctoral position in History and Philosophy of Science, broadly conceived. The applicant’s specialisation and research interests will be congenial to the topic of the research project “Turing, Ashby, and ‘the Action of the Brain'” (NCN grant no. 2020/37/B/HS1/01809), within which this position is funded. The project’s PI is Dr. Hajo Greif.

Application deadline: 3 May. Start date: 1 June or later.

For detailed information, go to the following places:

Philosophy at Warsaw University of Technology is a small but thriving and internationally oriented discipline. The successful candidate will be part of the Philosophy of Computing group. All qualified candidates with a keen interest in the content of this project are welcome to apply! Diversity is valued!

Informal inquiries may be directed to me.

NCN Grant »Turing, Ashby, and ›the Action of the Brain‹«

The Philosophy of Computing group starts implementing NCN (National Science Centre) OPUS 19 grant ref. 2020/37/B/HS1/01809, which was awarded in November 2020. The project’s PI is Hajo Greif, the Co-investigator Paweł Stacewicz. The project is funded by NCN with PLN 767,130.– (approx. EUR 170,000.–) for three years (2021-2023), which involves a three-year postdoc position. The abstract can be downloaded from NCN here. More details on the project here.

Lecture Series »Thinking Machines: History, Present and Future of AI«

The international and interdisciplinary online lecture series »Thinking Machines: History, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence« in Summer Term 2021 will be jointly hosted by the Research Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Deutsches Museum, the European New School of Digital Studies, and the Philosophy of Computing group, ICFO. Speakers include: Pamela McCorduck, Stephanie Dick, Shannon Vallor, Harry Collins, Wolfgang Bibel, Vincent Müller, Virginia Dignum, Kristian Kersting. More details and full programme here.