About me

I am a philosopher working in the field of history, philosophy, and social studies of science and technology. Within that broad domain, my research focuses on evolutionary and computational accounts of cognition. Key topics include:

  • situated cognition and cognitive artefacts – ‘4E’ cognition, smart environments
  • naturalism in the philosophy of mind – teleosemantics, evolution of cognition
  • history and philosophy of cognitive science – AI vs cybernetics

All lines of my work share the leitmotif of evolutionary naturalism, broadly construed. These strands converge in my habilitation project on Environments of Intelligence, which was funded through an FWF Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship at MCTS, Technical University of Munich. I am continuing along those lines in my current work with the Philosophy of Computing Group at Warsaw University of Technology.

A thoroughly revised and edited version of my habilitation thesis has been published by Routledge in the “History and Philosophy of Technoscience” series, edited by Alfred Nordmann. An Open Access version supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is available here. I have a new book, titled Organic Forms and the Adaptive Mind, under contract in the same series.